Shenzhen Lianhua wholesale mlb nhl ncaa nfl jerseys supply Mountain Stadium football field off the land or make commercial use

Lotus wholesale authentic nfl jerseysHill football stadium will be demolished in Shenzhen, news quickly spread grassroots football. On Friday night, a universal opposition to the demolition of the stadium was built Lotus Mountain big tall signature post appears in the micro channel circle of friends, tens of thousands of participants, most opposed to the demolition Furthermore, the last day of operations at the stadium, there are many teams and Player-of-pocket to the stadium flowers, donations jersey. At 14:30 on September 1st or so, when the reporter went to the stadium, found the door closed, close to Le Parc iron door, the Blue Devils hung on a wire fence, UNITA, Skyworth appliances and cheap wholesale nfl jerseys other team's jersey, as well as a few pieces written in the no word white shirt, and a pair of sneakers past the stadium operators, two field service personnel Shenzhen company is still Redgate Football Club stadium, when a reporter interview requests, two games Service personnel facing reporters shouted: here today is not ours, to interview no use ah.

In the football stadium entrance, reporters communicate with Shenzhen Redgate Football Club's two field service, just a few often attracted public attention in this play, they told reporters that the court why everyone likes this one The reason is that the cost is cheaper, a ball two hours about 800, each three fifty enough, those indoor soccer field to be expensive. It is understood, there are eight courts available for hire football stadium entrance also posted a notice from the children's football club forward and easy, notices, said because of this demolition, after training to move to Meilin Sports Center. Reporter ran into the club a bell surname coach, as well as two foreign coaches come to move training equipment. Bell coach told reporters that they recruit students on this club more than three years, mostly around the wholesale nfl jerseys kids, little is still in kindergarten, most saw in this position. After going to Merlin, costs will be slightly higher, it is reluctant to here ah.

According to the reporter, Redgate football stadium demolition is already some government motion because it belongs here in this temporary lease of state-owned reserve land, Redgate's lease expires as early as a few months ago, even though many people against it, but Judging from the demolition of a government regulatory wholesale nike nfl jerseys legal acts can not stop causing another public concern is how this block of land for future direction. According to the information previously disclosed, Futian District statutory plan was in 2000 a menstrual Shenzhen Urban Planning Board approved, 02 01, 02 02 plots of land wholesale nfl jerseys outletplanning that Redgate football field plots of land properties for the sports industry. Early 2014, the Urban Planning and Land Committee publicity Shenzhen FT 01 01 Tanling Juan intern Tu Jing-yu)

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